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Custom Guitar Setup

Our mission is to provide you with the best playing guitar possible.  That's why at Birt Custom Guitars, each instrument receives a precision setup sit it's ready to play the moment you take it out of the box.


If your new Birt instrument's playability is compromised in any way, then the neck might just need a simple truss rod adjustment to correct any problems. Guitar necks are crafted from wood, and they will sometimes shift during shipping and as the temperature/humidy/elevation changes. 


When placing your order with us, please specify the string gauge and tuning you want on your new Birt Custom Guitar so we can make sure it's perfect for you.


If you don't know how you want your instrument set up, then consult with our team or email us at and we'll be glad to give you our recommendations based on your playing style and desired tone. Otherwise, we will set up your new Birt Custom Guitar to standard tuning with regular gauge guitar strings.  Here are the specifications each Birt Custom Guitar is set up to meet.


Birt Factory Setup:

  • Fret level, crowning, and polish

  • Truss rod adjustment to .010 relief

  • Precision nut action adjustment from .010 at the High E to .020 at the low E

  • Bridge height adjustment, at the 12th fret the treble string measures 2/32" and the bass string measures 5/64"

  • Precision intonation

  • Pickup height adjustments, with the string depressed at the last fret - 5/64" on the treble side, 3/32" on the bass side

  • Fingerboards are oiled for protection and to bring out the rich, natural woodgrains


This is just a short list of what's included in the Birt Factory Setup.

Call us at 317-771-9205 or email us at for additional information.

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