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Guitar Services

Birt Guitars offers a wide variety of services to repair your instrument and keep it playing at its best.  Whether you're looking for custom modification, repair, or just regular maintenance, we can help.

Pro Setup

Birt Guitars offers professional setup services.  This setup includes leveling, recrowning, and dressing the frets, truss rod adjustment, nut action adjustment, bridge height adjustment and pickup height adjustment.  We'll also oil the fretboard and intonate the bridge so each note plays in tune.


This setup will ensure that your guitar is playing at its best.


$140.00 + Strings


The TuneUp is recommended for guitars that have had regular maintenance.  We'll adjust the truss rod, nut action, and bridge height.  We'll also adjust the pickup height, oil the fretboard, and intonate the bridge to keep you in tune.


$60.00 + Strings


If frets are too worn to crown they'll need to be replaced.  Birt Guitars offers full and partial refrets.  The old frets will be pulled, the fretboard will be treated for any imperfections, and new frets will be installed, leveled, and crowned.  This will make your old guitar look and feel new again.


$15.00/fret plus setup charge  (Bound fretboard or lacqured maple add $50.00)

Nut Replacement

Over time a guitar nut will wear to the point that it cannot be shaped effectively.  Birt Guitars will make a custom nut from your choice of materials.


$45.00 + material and restring or tuneup.

Pickup Installation

Whether you have an issue with an existing pickup or just want to try something new, we can help.  We'll remove the old pickup, install the new pickup, and test to make sure everything is working properly.


$40.00 per pickup + restring or tuneup.

Birt Guitars offers a number of additional services from repairing and troubleshooting wiring to replacing broken headstocks and structural damage.  For information and pricing on other repairs please Contact Us.

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