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About Birt Guitars

Birt Guitars was founded in 2013 with one simple vision.  To create world class custom guitars with the player in mind.  


Justin Birt, founder of Birt Guitars, started by modifying his own instruments and regularly maintaining them.  The interest turned towards the electronics side where Justin developed his own guitar pedals and circuits.  Eventually his love for guitar design transitioned into building custom guitars.


Birt Guitars has the goal of putting the final design elements of a guitar in the players' hands.  Each person has their own idea of a perfect guitar.  Because of this each musician can customize the guitar finish, inlays, neck profile, colors, wood selection, hardware, and custom pickups to truly build their ideal instrument.


Our current Guitars for Sale are a great option if you want to see what we like the best.  We have our own ideas of what elements make a great guitar and many people agree.  Take a look at these if you want a guitar that's ready to go or if you want to get ideas for your own custom build.


Contact us for a consultation on building your very own Birt Guitar.


Birt Guitars Core Values


  1. Our people are our most important asset, we are one team with one common goal.

  2. Our customers will always be our biggest priority, without them we do not exist.

  3. We will only deliver the best products with the best parts possible, no corners will ever be cut.

  4. We will remain environmentally friendly and continue to give back to the environment that provides for us.

  5. We will always strive to make our company, our product, and ourselves better.

  6. We will remain thankful and humble.

  7. We are an open book to our customers and to each other.

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