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Birt Guitars Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference in a normal guitar and a custom guitar?


There are many guitars to choose from, from a Les Paul Custom to a Fender Custom Shop it can be difficult to choose the right instrument.  Most of the standard guitars available utilize outdated technology, for example, a Les Paul hasn't changed in over 50 years.  They can be good instruments but technology and design have come a long way since then.  Leo Fender wasn't a guitar player, therefore his guitars weren't built for playability, but efficiency of building and replacing parts.  With a custom guitar you decide on the shape, woods, colors, inlays, pickups, and neck profile.  Your custom guitar will be designed specifically for you, not just picked off the shelf with hundreds of others like it.  We only use the highest quality woods and hardware to ensure you receive the best musical instrument available.


How much does a custom guitar cost?


The price of a Birt Custom Guitar can vary greatly, starting around $2,400 and increasing based on your choices.  Contact our consultants for more information.


How long does it take to make a custom guitar?


A Custom Guitar usually takes between 3 and 6 months to complete.  Depending on your custom selections and availability this can vary slightly.


What kind of pickups can I get in my Custom Guitar?


You can choose any pickup you like, however we suggest having our pickup makers develop a custom set for you.  We'll help you decide what sound you're going for and have a pickup made just for you.


What kind of finish can I get on my Custom Guitar?


Birt Custom Guitars come with the option of two finishes.  The first is a waterbourne lacquer that has similar characteristics to nitrocelulose lacquer but is environmentally friendly.  This will look and feel like the vintage instruments that are prized by collectors.  The second option is a hand-oiled finish, this will not have as shiny of a look, however the necks will typically feel faster.  Some prefer to use a lacquer finish for the body and an oil finish on the neck to get the beautiful shiny look with the best possible feel on the neck.


What size of allen wrench do I need for my Custom Guitar's truss rod?


Our Custom Guitars come with a low profile 2-way truss rod that takes a 9/64" allen wrench.

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