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Birt Guitars Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Birt Guitars different than other boutique builders?

This is a very common question, and it's a great one.  I always reply that there are tons of incredible boutique builders out there, many of which have inspired my guitar journey.  There are a few things that we pride ourselves on at Birt Guitars.  First is to create instruments with unmatched playability.  As an avid musician for nearly four decades, there's nothing more important to me than creating guitars that artists can truly connect with.  In my musical career I've played countless guitars, and I know the moment I've picked up a special one.  I want every artist to have that exact experience every time they pick up their Birt Guitar.  In addition, we want our instruments to be handed down for generations.  We strive for exceptional, tour-worthy build quality.  Last, we focus on unique styling.  We want to create our own designs, we want to be different.  Our goal is to design guitars that have some familiar elements, but are unique to Birt Guitars.


What kind of pickups can I get in my guitar?


You can choose any pickup you like, we've worked with most of the main manufacturers out there.  If you want something truly special we can work with you on developing a custom wound pickup.  Contact our Custom Shop if you want to discuss the sound you're going for and we can make recommendations, whether it's an existing pickup or a custom one.


What size of allen wrench do I need for my Guitar's truss rod?


Our Guitars come with a low profile 2-way truss rod that takes a 9/64" allen wrench.

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