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About Our Instruments

Each guitar is constantly evaluated throughout the building process to ensure that it meets our rigerous standards.  Our goal is that each guitar we build is the best we've ever put out.  By constantly striving to be better, we won't allow anything less than our best.


Because each guitar is hand made, it will have its own slight variences that make it unique.  We don't use any CNC machines or CAD programs, these custom guitars are truly made by hand.


All Birt Custom Guitars are hand stained, a process that can take several hours.  Guitar staining is like painting with water colors.  Each color is specially tinted and blended to achieve specific effects.  Some people like the look of one color on a guitar top allowing it to stand for itself, others like the grain to be stained darker to really show through.  Whatever your taste is, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your guitar is not only a fine instrument, but a piece of art in itself.


After staining the guitar is ready to be finished.  We currently offer two different types of finished that can be used independently on the body and neck.  The First is a water-based lacquer.  It has all of the attractive characteristics of nitrocellulose lacquer but is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  At Birt Guitars we do our best to reduce our environmental footprint and will continue to look for ways to be more environmentally friendly.  The second finish option is an oil finish, this is very popular on necks as it makes them very smooth and fast to play on.  The lacquer finish is sprayed on in a series of sessions to build up a thin coat, the oil finish is hand rubbed by one of our experts.  Each have their own merits and our consulting team can help you determine what will be best for your instrument.  The finish must cure over the coarse of a couple of weeks.  Once that is done the guitar will be wet sanded so only the finest layer of finish is still present then buffed to a glossy shine.


Once the guitar has been finished, buffed, and checked for quality control it can receive its hardware.  We use only the highest grade components to ensure you receive the best instrument possible.  We have a wide array of switching options, push/pull knobs, and much more.  Our team can help you decide what hardware and switching options will be best for you.


Once the hardware and other components have been installed we perform an extensive setup to ensure your guitar plays at a professional level.  All nuts are precision slotted and formed for the best contact and sustain possible.  The frets are leveled, crowned, and polished.  The truss rod is adjusted and the bridge height is set.  This way, once you receive your Birt Custom Guitar, you only need to plug it in and start playing.

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