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Custom Guitar Design

Every Birt Custom Guitar is designed to inspire musicians and help them be their best.  Each guitar is hand built in Indianapolis, Indiana where our team works diligently to create the best musical instruments available.

At the heart of every guitar is the wood selection.  Birt Guitars works with the finest lumber available and each piece is uniquely chosen for its tonal characteristics and its aesthetic beauty.


We also match each neck to the body based on the tonal characteristics of each.  This allows us to create instruments that have the broadest tonal spectrum possible which means a better overall experience for our players.

Each Birt Guitar model is designed with the player in mind.  Comfortability, playability, and access to upper frets are key in our designs.  Every model utilizes top of the line components including specially made hand-wound pickups.

A guitar neck can truly make or break a guitar.  Each neck we have designed is made for a specific purpose.  Whether you're a vintage guitar neck enthusiast or want the lowest profile modern neck possible there's a fit for you.


Each neck is hand carved and transitioned directly into the guitar body.  No excessive heals are necessary because each neck runs all the way under the neck pickup.  This larger surface area provides the best possible connection between neck and body and leads to greater transfer of tones.

Every Birt Custom Guitar has many options of hardware.  We use a limited selection of hardware from the top manufacturers, these are the only products we have found acceptable to go on one of our guitars.  We look for durability, quality of finish, comfortablility, and stability of the piece.  


You have the option of choosing your bridge, tuning machines, switches, and nut material.

At Birt Guitars each custom instrument is hand stained to ensure a beautiful color shines through.  We use a wide variety of standard colors and can blend a custom color based on your preference.


You can choose the top stain, back stain, and neck stain.  You also have the option of staining a burst that combines multiple colors on any part of the guitar.  Consult with our team to discuss what colors will compliment each other and other options with guitar staining.

Guitar finish provides two very important features.  First, it protects your guitar from dings. scratches, and the elements while making it look its best.  Second, it alters the overall feel of the guitar.


Each finishing option was selected for a very specific purpose.  Consult with our team to decide what finish will be best for your playing style.

Once you are ready to design your new Birt Custom Guitar, consult with our team to discuss wood selection, neck contour, and other elements to achieve your ideal guitar.

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