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Custom Guitar Finishing

The Vayu prototype is coming to a close. I've finish sanded, stained, and sprayed the guitar. I prefer to use a waterbased lacquer for finishing. It has all of the hardness of solvent based lacquer but it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Once all of the coats are finished the results look wonderful.

The lacquer has now dried and I'm in the polishing stage. I use 3 different grits of polish to achieve a mirror shine. After that I'll do an install of the hardware and wiring and perform a fret level and recrown. Once that's finished I'll do a full setup on the guitar. My main focus on guitar building is to create the best playing guitar possible so I take lots of pride in my setup procedure. I'm still waiting on my pickups to arrive, once they're in I'll be ready to complete this build.

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